Tips for Success at Yoga… and Life!

Schedule (at least) 90 minutes into your day which are just for YOU. Most of our classes are 90 minutes, because for one thing, it takes your body at least 45 minutes just to get warmed up! We know it can be challenging to fit this time into your schedule, but we also know it’s worth the effort. YOU are WORTH the effort.

Arrive 5 or MORE minutes before class to get prepared physically and mentally for class.

If you are thirsty, drink water.

If you are tired, rest, take a break.

If you MUST leave your mat, be mindful about how your actions impact others in class (but try to stay on your mat… you WILL have a better class when you eliminate “extras”.)

If you are lonely, come to yoga! We are ALWAYS happy to see you.

Spend some time in silence. After class, we keep the hot room quiet so you can enjoy a longer savasana.

Let go of what doesn’t serve you. Yoga class is a chance to step away from the distractions of daily life and simply live. All you need is your mat, towel and water. We provide cubbies in the lobby and locker rooms for your belongings (including phones and watches and other gadgets) UNPLUG YOURSELF! We lock the front doors when class starts so that everything is safe and secure.

Get in line with your neighbors and squish in. Then there will be plenty of room for everyone to stretch.

Take short showers. Share the love- and the hot water :) The yoga school closes 30 minutes after class ends.

Find what you’ve lost. “Yoga-brain” is real! Don’t sweat it if you leave something behind - BYNSA will hold items for a while and will donate them periodically.

Enjoy the ride! Practice with a sense of humor. You’ll be amazed how much easier things feel :)